When you Sign In to ExpressModular.com you will have access to several features within the website which we reserve only for registered users. Using these tools you can get very accurate estimates on a range of modular home prices.

Express Project Estimator™

A unique feature on ExpressModular.com that you won’t find anywhere else is our Express Project Estimator™. This tool allows you to create a ballpark price for most of our available floor plans. When you are looking through our home plans, every plan with the calculator symbol allows you to create your own custom ballpark pricing estimate. You will be able to create estimates for your complete home project. This is extremely useful as a planning tool for your new home. Click here to select floor plans and to start creating modular home pricing estimates today!

My Favorites

My Favorites allows you to mark plans as Favorites and add them to your collection of plans. This avoids the frustrating chore of having to manually write down plan names and/or numbers or trying to remember the name of that special home on each return visit.

Compare Plans

Not only can you collect all of the home plans you like, but you can also do side by side comparisons of the homes. This feature will help you narrow the field of choices to the one that’s just right for you. Just click on the Compare Plans button at the bottom of the My Favorites box.

My Workspace

Once you log in, you also have the ability to manage your account. Life changes happen while you are purchasing a home. Names can change from life events such as a marriage. Items to manage also include updates for when you purchase land, the sale of an existing home, the need for financing, etc.

Modular Home Prices are Lower with ExpressModular

When you decide to purchase a modular home with ExpressModular you save money during several steps of the building process. We have a proven method of reducing modular home prices by following these simple steps.

Design Your Own Floor Plan

Can’t find a standard floor plan to meet your needs? Then you can design a custom floor plan for free with our Interactive Design Software – Project Homestyler ? There is no need to brush up on your blue print design skills with this interactive simple to use program that even a novice can work with to design a floor plan that accommodates all of your design preferences. Our free customer support and years of design experience is available to all ExpressModular customers. With custom designed plans you can help to keep modular home prices affordable and within your budget.

Mortgage Process

Helping you navigate through the steps necessary to secure financing during the construction loan and the permanent loan phases of your building project can be overwhelming to some and is a significant part in keeping overall modular home prices down. We will help walk you through the building loan/mortgage process. Our recommended mortgage consultants are here to make this process efficient and steer you towards affordable options.

Mortgage Loan Calculator

Our on-site Mortgage Loan Calculator can help you determine what your monthly mortgage or loan payment would be and includes information including payoff date, amortization table, total amount paid and even a chart that will allow you to plot principle, interest, taxes and your balance over time. Knowing in advance what modular home prices are allows you the opportunity to save money and shop for alternative financing or floor plan designs.

Review Bids

ExpressModular will help you when reviewing bids when you decide to partner with a building professional and build one of our homes. We will work with you and your general contractor, Professional Building Consultant or you, if you decide that you want to take on the task of being your own general contractor. No matter who your designated partner is, we will ensure that they are familiar with your floor plan and the requirements of modular construction at no additional charge. This step helps to keep modular home prices to a bare minimum.

Building Permits

ExpressModular will support you as you secure the necessary building permits and other approvals that are necessary to start your modular home. Typically permits for modular homes are easier to obtain than those for conventional homes – saving you time and money!

Innovative Design

ExpressModular has innovative Universal Designs that help you to plan for the future and ensure minimal renovation expense down the line by thinking about possible illness, aging or injury related accommodations that you may require in the future. We also have designed efficient low cost home fire sprinkler systems that work automatically at the onset of a fire to help extinguish flames quickly to ensure minimal damage to your home and safety for your family.


Call us today! When you partner with ExpressModular for your modular home – you will be delighted with the results, the money savings and the support from our years of experience and friendly service. Modular home prices cannot be lower than with Express Modular!