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Modular Homes Mean Savings

Imagine saving tens of thousands of dollars on your new home even if you have no previous construction experience. You don’t have to physically build your new home, although you are free to do as much or as little of the work as you would like. You can choose your contractors, your materials, and make all of the financial decisions regarding your new home. We will be there every step of the way to help insure you can successfully complete your new home and move in with thousands of dollars of equity.


How much can you save?

Imagine saving tens of thousands of dollars on your new home … It’s your decision. Every customer’s situation is unique. Based on industry standards you could save about 15% or $26,000 on your new home. You may want to hire a Professional Building Consultant or general contractor to oversee certain aspects of your project. Or, you may already be involved in the trades and take on more of the project than most – thereby increasing your equity. You may act as the project manager during the process, possibly using many of the skills you already use every day in your current job.

Prefabricated Homes Offer Quality and Value

How can you do it? We use modular home construction to provide the highest quality while providing the greatest value, making it easy for you to be successful in building your new custom home. Modular homes, also called prefab homes, produced by our modular home manufacturer’s facilities can create complete custom modular homes. We also have hundreds of standard home plans to choose from. Our prefabricated homes come 85 – 90% complete which virtually insures you will successfully complete the most satisfying project you will ever undertake.