How to Plan Your Modular Home

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With modular construction, your own Brightwood dwelling will need significant and specific preparation that needs to be completed at the start of strategy. Your new residence will definitely comply with all building code requirements but you’ll still need to plan for the boundary line locations, and have virtually all normal building permits. On top of that, you will have to establish soil type and conditions, water table along with frost line in order to create the new design.

The planning must include obtaining the ownership of the site along with deciding where you should established the structure within the property. As the property owner, you must also create a plan for the building of a perimeter foundation wall, that needs to be properly square in order to support the modules upon arrival. One particular essential item of the program would be to plan a 30-foot diameter space situated close to the foundation that is totally free of trees and wires that is completely level to be able to place the building crane employed to set in place modules in position around the foundation.

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Planning A New Modular Home

Design for a new modular home will begin by ascertaining the Wind Zone, Thermal Zone and Roof Load Zone of the building location. These need to be integrated in the layout from the start, and employed in any engineering step of the design. When planning a modular home, you’ll want layouts for your attached garages, verandas or decks since they are not a part of the modular home design. It is essential for you to catalog what you need to design for your residence so that it can be established that these will be included in your design.

There is no limit to the square footage to the design using modular homes; currently we see variations as large as 1500 to 3000 sq ft constructed in Thirty two components, with the typical range between four to six thousand square feet in 10 to 12 modules. Each and every house design Express Modular provides are designed this way, including our modular log homes and our many green home options.

Installing A Modular Home

When the assembly of your sections is finished and they are delivered to your home site we begin the crucial step of your assembly – the setting of the sections by the installation team using construction crane gear. Once these are positioned, the final phase of the installation will be the finishing of installing utilities, painting, installation of all the flooring, along with the installation of the appliances. Cleansing top to bottom and tests makes certain all aspects are in proper condition and the final inspections and occupancy permits will be secured. Commonly, all the outer perimeter driveway, patios, paths along with decking are installed to complete the work and then the home is ready for moving in.


Green Modular Home Construction

Express Modular residences are built “greener” and are usually more energy efficient than conventional households in the past. Nearly fifty regional and national green home labeling programs throughout the country. Though these programs and organizations approach environmentally conscious construction individually, each one can deliver worthwhile ideas.

The insulating material as well as additional supplies employed in production are built into the your home right from inception. Energy-efficient appliances will be standard and, using upgrades,your home will become more eco-friendly. Both climate-control manufacturing setting as well as re-cycled materials give additional options for an enviro-friendly house. Using low-flow fittings on faucets, shower heads and sinks, your green modular home environment is complete.

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  • Our modular log home was easier than we ever could’ve thought. We look forward to years of family gatherings in our new log home.
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  • Our modular log home was easier than we ever could’ve thought. We look forward to years of family gatherings in our new log home.
    Cameron (Xenia, OH)

  • We love our new home. Thank you for making our dreams come true!
    Sandra & Dave (Little Rock, AR)

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