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Modern modular construction delivers when you demand quality but require value. Express Modular is the only national builder of modular homes in the U.S. and we are one of the top innovators in the modular home industry. Our process keeps your custom home project on schedule, reduces overhead and produces high-quality custom built homes. By using leading-edge design systems, we can deliver very customized home plans, exploiting the full flexibility of modular design. With the ability to produce homes of any size, we can design your custom home and provide it utilizing modular building techniques quickly. No longer do you have to wait more than a year to build your custom home. As the leader in custom, on-your-lot construction, Express Modular is with you each step of the way as you design your dream home.

Your new home is built in a state-of-the-art factory designed with the sole intention of producing custom modular homes protected under roof. How does this differ from other home builders? With old, outdoor construction methods your home can be subject to snow, mud, rain, etc. Express Modular constructs your home indoors in sections known as modules in a modern, environmentally controlled factory. We ship your completed modules directly to your job site. Our experience, which we share with you, lies in building custom homes, while effectively and efficiently delivering your home at the best value available today.

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A Way to Better Living With Modular Homes

Constructing off-site in a factory environment using modular construction techniques has many natural green advantages over historic, site-built construction. It does this by decreasing site disturbance, cutting down vehicle traffic, and reducing the building costs of modular homes. Building indoors means delays due to weather are essentially eliminated. Materials and supplies are requisitioned, received and safely stocked in a dry warehouse so replacement because of weather damage or theft is eliminated. It also means that while your home is being built in the factory, that site development is happening concurrently and significantly reducing the the project timeframe. Modules are carefully sealed at the factory to safeguard your home while being delivered to your job site.

While construction of your home is happening in the factory, the groundwork is carried out simultaneously. On site building requires the foundation to be finished BEFORE any construction can begin on your new home. Modular homes suffer limited schedule delays due to the elements. Building isn’t interrupted because a lumber yard drops materials arbitrarily around the build site. Your new home is installed on your foundation and secured on day one with little to no possibility of harm from theft. Your custom home is provided with the finishes you selected at a level of quality that can’t be beat with onsite construction. You get to move into your new home more quickly and with confidence in its construction which provides a healthy living environment.

About Modular Home Construction

Creating A New Modular Home

Design for a new modular home will begin with establishing the Wind Zone, Thermal Zone and Roof Load Zone of the construction location. All of these have to be integrated within the layout from the beginning, and built into any engineering step in the plan. You’ll want layouts for your attached garage areas, verandas or outside patios since they are included in the modular home plan. is significant for you to catalog what you need to plan for your residence so it can be established that these will be incorporated into the plan.

There are no limits to the square footage to the plan using modular homes; presently there are layouts as large as 1500 to 3000 sq ft constructed in Thirty-two components, with your common range between 4,000 to 6,000 sq ft within ten to twelve components. Each and every home Express Modular makes available are constructed in this way, including our log homes and our many enviro-friendly home options.

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Green Building

Many that are new to construction are becoming knowledgeable about the benefits of using “green” technology when constructing their custom home. Modular homes are a logical choice when “green” features are valued. The National Green Building Standard™ (NGBS) is the only residential green building rating system approved by ANSI as an American National Standard. The NGBS specifies practices for the design and construction of all types of green residential buildings, renovations, and land developments. It centers mainly on three areas: lower operating costs, healthy homes, and sustainable lifestyle. Green building brings together a vast array of methods, approaches, and expertise to reduce and eventually end the effects of buildings on the environment and human health. There are more than a hundred Green Building Certification programs. Ultimately, the selection of a certification system for a new home depends upon that exact project; no certification system is a one-size-fits all.

Today’s modular homes take advantage of modern materials that don’t result in the health risks of items used in older homes and some newer site-built homes. These can include: mildew and mold, asbestos, Volatile Organic Compounds(VOCs), lead paint, etc. Environmentally friendly building is an integral part of the modular construction process. Constructing your custom home in a factory means consistent and efficient building processes. Many Green Building Programs literally award specific points for using modular construction because of the systematic building process. Express Modular can help you acquire your required level of “green”: from basic energy efficiency to net-zero and beyond.

Build Green with Express Modular

What is Express Modular? Express Modular is a nationwide modular home provider that helps you build your new custom home and do it at the best value possible. How? By giving you access to our nationwide network of state-of-the-art facilities that lead the industry in modular home design and quality for custom home building in South Carolina. You can refine your search through our modular home plans in West Columbia, South Carolina by price, style, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, type of home (Including Two Stories, Chalets, Ranches, Cape Cods, Cabins), and more. Use our interactive pricing search tool to refine your search based on the estimated finished price of your new custom modular home in West Columbia and across other nearby West Columbia zip codes. See local new home trends and view our West Columbia Moving Resource Guide to view demographics, local activities and information for local school districts. Contact your New Home Consultant to learn about West Columbia mortgages from multiple lenders and mortgage brokers to finance your home purchase.