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A crucial key to finding the right New Mexico home for yourself is confidence, both in the company you decide to work with as well as the high quality and real value of your home. We highly recommend the “Express Modular Team Approach” for choosing the best people and shared values, where you look for a team that uses a truly consultative process, to get to know your circumstances, while refusing to allow old ‘high pressure’ practices be a part of your decision. The key is to find a company that informs and educates every single stage along the way. You should be comfortable from information-gathering stage to final selection.

Why Choose Express Modular?

A new home can be one of the greatest purchases you’ll make through your lifetime. Your home building company must be dedicated to delivering a residence that complements your lifestyle using a design standard that is better when compared with all other modular home services that you speak to. Look for a team having innovative as well as knowledgeable design pros who may perform well with you and any outside design businesses so that you can “modularize” your personal modular home plans. Target the selection of individuals who are engaging and easy to work with and who involve you as an integral part of the team which will efficiently produce a great experience and an excellent new home.

Modular Home Construction in New Mexico

The dynamics connected with modular home construction today presents unique benefits which classic residential home building does not, especially significantly more structural integrity considering that the components will be produced to be transported and placed as a unit. The home is produced inside a managed environment, no matter what the season, by professionals skilled with the same ”sectional” manufacturing process instead of relocating from one construction location to yet another then doing work on a wide variety of buildings in all types of weather conditions. Modular buildings will be both environment-friendly and also very affordable, integrating environmentally resources like reprocessed rubber, recycled shipping containers, recycled metal along with renewable lumber. Ground-breaking models give you the liberty of a custom designed residence an affordable luxury. Most of all, well-built modular homes can produce a healthier environment as our company’s quality surpass regulations.

What’s in a Modern Modular Home?

Today’s modular home is constructed stronger and with higher quality components compared to the majority of traditional stick-built houses. This controlled setting of manufacturing allows a lot less materials waste as well as dramatically reduced thievery on site, as well as no varying weather conditions every day. Concept-to-completion moves more quickly, typically slicing production times in half or more which includes a significantly greater part of the build-out finished in house including electrical, water lines and heating and cooling, and even full installing of doors and cabinets — even including green modular homes. From beginning-to-end you’ll discover true value with modular homes in comparison to conventional stick built structure.

We Manufacture Modular Homes in New Mexico