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An industry leader in providing custom modular homes, at Express Modular we take pride in our ability to plan, develop and construct a truly custom crafted home. Our family of experienced consultants achieves this while promoting our core beliefs of service, quality, customer satisfaction, and value. We offer 100’s of classic designs, but they are typically nothing more than a starting point to be revised by customers to meet particular lifestyle and housing needs. More often we are using our modern modular building techniques to deliver truly custom homes for our satisfied customers.

Modular homes from Express Modular combines the most desirable methods of traditional, site-built construction with the economic, technological and environmental advantages of building your new home in an indoor factory environment. The individual parts in any home (for example, a cabinet or a roof truss) are manufactured in a controlled factory environment according to defined specifications and tested to ensure that they meet design standards. Express Modular’s homes are no different – we create our homes using similar techniques. The modular building process results in a home that is built faster, greener, better, and with virtually none of the headaches presented by historic, site built construction.

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Popular House Plans In East Helena, Montana

Innovation Through Custom Modular Homes

Built in a factory, modular homes begin as segments called modules that are constructed under roof in a climate-controlled environment. The modules undergo a quality assurance inspection at each part of the build process, not only for building code compliance but as well for quality construction. Without the fear of elements, experienced workers can guarantee that your home gets the attention to detail that you require. Quality material is the norm and modern building technology is applied to build your custom home. Upon final review and sign-off, the modules are prepped for delivery to your job site.

Once done at the factory, the finished sections are delivered to the building site and then positioned with a crane. The installation process reminds you of a child building with Lego™ blocks. Modular homes are constructed using appropriate state and local regulations and codes. Due to the added strength necessary for delivery and installation, your home will in fact exceed building code. Your custom home is done onsite faster because the factory has carried out a large part of the building off-site in parallel with the foundation and groundworks being prepared. You can look forward to be living in your new home 20-35% faster because you picked the strength and design flexibility of modular construction.

About Modular Home Construction

Planning A New Modular Home

Design for a new modular home starts with ascertaining the Wind Zone, Thermal Zone and Roof Load Zone of the development location. All of these need to be utilized during the structure from the outset, and employed in any engineering step of your plan. You’ll want layouts for your attached car ports, verandas or outdoor patios as they’re included in the modular home plan. is vital for you to catalog what you need to plan for your residence so it can be established that these will be incorporated into the plan.

There are no limits to the square footage to the plan using modular homes; at present there are variations as large as 1500 to 3000 sq . ft . constructed in Thirty two segments, with your common range between four to six thousand sq ft within ten to twelve sections. Each house plan Express Modular makes available are constructed in this way, including our log homes and our many enviro-friendly home options.

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Flexible Design

Advances in modern modular building techniques have expanded the design flexibility that can be acquired with factory built construction. Ranch homes, chalet, contemporary homes, Arts and Crafts style homes, and log cabins along with traditional home styles are all constructed utilizing the quality and efficiencies that only building in a factory can supply. Onsite construction is no longer efficient except in special cases. Anything that can be built with site built construction outdoors can also be produced with modular homes. Distinct roof structures, porches, and architectural design aspects are common in today’s modular designs. Whatever your design requirements, they are all obtainable with modular building techniques.

Creating a unique modular house plan can be as straightforward as consulting with Express Modular to talk about which house plans are available and what alterations you require to the one that best meets your requirements. Customizing can be as painless as revising an existing plan or it could be as exciting as creating your own home plan from scratch. Modular homes allow you to relocate walls, add rooms, or design huge open spaces. Many clients use one of our 100’s of house designs as a great start to create their custom home. The remainder provide us with a house plan and we use it to create and construct their new dream home.

Build Green with Express Modular

What is Express Modular? Express Modular is a nationwide modular home provider that helps you build your new custom home and do it at the best value possible. How? By giving you access to our nationwide network of state-of-the-art facilities that lead the industry in modular home design and quality for custom home building in Montana. You can refine your search through our modular home plans in East Helena, Montana by price, style, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, type of home (Including Two Stories, Chalets, Ranches, Cape Cods, Cabins), and more. Use our interactive pricing search tool to refine your search based on the estimated finished price of your new custom modular home in East Helena and across other nearby East Helena zip codes. See local new home trends and view our East Helena Moving Resource Guide to view demographics, local activities and information for local school districts. Contact your New Home Consultant to learn about East Helena mortgages from multiple lenders and mortgage brokers to finance your home purchase.