Expertly Constructed Prefabricated Homes

with Express Modular

The vital step to choosing the right Louisiana home for you is confidence, in both the business you select to partner with as well as the top quality and value of your home. We strongly recommend the “Express Modular Team Approach” to determining the right people and shared values, where you look for a team which uses a truly consultative process, to get to know your needs, and declining to allow the old ‘high pressure’ techniques be a part of your choice. The secret is to search for a team which informs and educates each stage of the process. You should feel comfortable from start to finish.

Why Choose Express Modular?

Your new home is usually one of the largest purchases you’ll make in the course of your lifetime. The home building company must be committed to rendering a residence which matches your life style employing a design standard which is higher than any other modular home suppliers that you speak to. Seek out a organization with creative and skillful design pros who might perform well with you plus any outside architectural companies to help “modularize” your personalized modular home plans. Concentrate on selecting individuals who have proven to be engaging and easy-to-work-with and who focus on you as an integral part of the team that will efficiently deliver a terrific experience and great new home.

Modular Home Construction in Louisiana

The nature connected with modular home construction today delivers exceptional advantages that classic residential construction does not, specifically substantially more structural stability considering that the modules will be constructed to be transferred and placed as a unit. The home is constructed inside a controlled environment, regardless of season, by professionals experienced with a consistent prefabrication manufacturing system rather than moving from one particular building location to yet another and working on a broad range of homes in all varieties of weather. Modular homes are both eco-friendly and also very affordable, including eco-friendly components including recycled plastic, re-cycled shipping storage containers, re-usable metal as well as sustainably-harvested lumber. Breakthrough styles give the liberty of the customized family home an affordable luxury. Above all, well-constructed modular homes can create a healthier setting since our company’s quality surpass regulations.

What’s in a Modern Modular Home?

Today’s modular homes are built more rigidly and with better quality components as compared to the majority of classic stick-built houses. The controlled setting of manufacturing allows significantly less materials waste product and far lower thievery on site, plus no varying weather conditions every day. Concept to completion goes faster, typically reducing production times in half or more with a higher portion of the build-out completed in-house including electrical, plumbing and heating system, and even complete installing of doors and cabinetry — even with a green modular home. From beginning to end you can find real value using modular homes when compared with traditional custom frame structure.

We Manufacture Modular Homes in Louisiana