Thoughtfully Constructed Prefabricated Homes

with Express Modular

A critical factor for choosing the right Indiana home to suit your needs is confidence, in both the business you choose to partner with and the top quality and value of your home. We recommend the “Express Modular Team Approach” for finding the right people and shared values, in which you look for a an organization that uses a truly consultative approach, to understand your needs, and declining to allow the old ‘high pressure’ techniques be a part of your final decision. The secret is to search for a team that informs and educates every stage of the process. You should feel comfortable from information-gathering stage to final selection.

Why Choose Express Modular?

Your new home can be one of the largest investments you’ll make in the course of your lifetime. The home building team must be committed to rendering a house which matches your lifestyle utilizing a design process that is more substancial than other modular home companies that you interview. Seek out a team having creative as well as experienced design specialists who will work well with you and any outside architectural companies to “modularize” your personal modular home plan. Focus on selecting people who have proven to be engaging and easy to work with and who include you as an integral part of the team that can efficiently provide a great experience and an excellent new home.

Modular Home Construction in Indiana

The dynamics associated with modular home construction of today supplies exceptional advantages which traditional residential home development does not, especially substantially more structural stability because the sections are built to be transported and set up as a unit. Your residence is constructed inside a managed production environment, no matter what the weather, by professionals skilled with the same prefabrication assembly system rather than shifting from one particular building site to another then working in a diverse range of homes in all varieties of weather conditions. Modular homes will be both environment-friendly and also highly economical, integrating environmentally friendly elements including reprocessed rubber, recycled shipping containers, re-usable steel and renewable lumber. Ground-breaking concepts give the liberty of the customized home a cost-effective comfort. Most significantly, well-constructed modular homes can produce an even healthier setting because our company’s standards exceed the health guidelines.

What’s in a Modern Modular Home?

Modern modular homes are made better using better quality components as compared with the majority of traditional stick-built houses. The managed environment of production means considerably less materials waste product as well as reduced stealing on location, as well as no weather conditions to work through each day. Concept-to-completion proceeds faster, typically reducing production times by 50 % or more which includes a significantly greater part of the build-out finished in-house and includes power, water lines and heating and cooling, and even total installing of doors and cabinets — even including a green modular home. From beginning-to-end you’ll discover authentic valuation using modular homes in comparison to classic stick built construction.

We Manufacture Modular Homes in Indiana