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A significant factor for finding the right Florida home for yourself is trust, both in the provider you select to work with plus the high quality and value of the homes. We endorse the “Express Modular Team Approach” to help with selecting the right people and shared values, in which you look for a an organization that uses a genuinely consultative process, to get to know your circumstances, while refusing to let old ‘high pressure’ techniques be a part of a final decision. The key is to search for a team which informs and educates each phase of the process. You should feel at ease from start to finish.

Why Choose Express Modular?

A home is usually one of the biggest purchases you will make through your lifetime. Your home building company should be committed to supplying a house which fits your lifestyle employing a design standard which is higher than any other modular home companies you will interview. Look for a business having innovative and seasoned design specialists who will perform well with you as well as any outside architectural businesses so that you can “modularize” your personal modular floor plan. Concentrate on selecting people who are enjoyable and easy to work with and who involve you as an essential part of the team that will effectively produce a terrific buying process and great home.

Modular Home Construction in Florida

The characteristics associated with modular home construction today delivers exceptional benefits that classic residential home construction does not, specifically considerably more structural stability for the reason that the sections are built to be transferred and installed as a unit. The structure is produced in a controlled production environment, regardless of weather, by specialists skilled with a single prefabrication building process rather than moving from one building site to another then working on a broad variety of residences in just about all sorts of conditions. Modules will be both eco-friendly as well as extremely affordable, incorporating environmentally friendly components like reprocessed rubber, re-used transport containers, re-cycled steel steel along with sustainably-harvested lumber. Breakthrough models offer the liberty of a custom-designed home an affordable comfort. Most of all, well-built modular homes can establish a healthier environment since our company’s quality exceed laws and regulations.

What’s in a Modern Modular Home?

Today’s modular homes are made stronger using higher quality materials as compared with almost all classic stick built homes. This managed environment of production allows considerably less material waste and far lower stealing on site, plus no varying weather conditions to work through every day. Concept to completion goes faster, typically cutting production times in half or more which includes a larger part of the build-out completed in-house which includes power, plumbing and heating, as well as total installing of doors and cabinetry — even with green modular homes. From beginning to end you can find genuine value through modular homes in comparison to classic stick-built structure.

We Manufacture Modular Homes in Florida