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With nationwide coverage, Express Modular has the experience and means to construct and produce energy efficient modular homes. If you choose, you can select your desired plan from any one of our 100’s of standard home plans available. We’ll help you to define your features and build your custom home. You can depend on Express Modular to make the process enjoyable and stress-free. When you are looking to create a custom home with the particular design and unique features you desire, our group of expert consultants will work with you to blend your dream with the value that only modern modular construction can provide.

As a leader in new home construction, our commitment to quality starts with the first nail. We are committed to bringing the best that modular design has to offer in every aspect of your new home. You are guaranteed that every module of our modular homes is professionally engineered and built by experienced and skilled craftsmen. From beginning to end, our homes are continually inspected to insure they comply with the appropriate building code, and also are built to our high quality standards. With years of experience in modular home construction, we know quality and build it in to every one of our homes.

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Innovation Through Custom Modular Homes

By being constructed in a factory, you have peace of mind knowing that your new home started its construction with quality built right in. Factory efficiency results in reduced costs and the quality control results in a superior product. The idea of building homes, especially the parts that make up a home, in a factory is not a recent event. By using automatic assembly equipment and repetitive assembly-line techniques, factories assemble component parts more efficiently and with greater consistency in product quality. This is true whether the components are assembled to produce a window or entire modular homes.

Once our modules are delivered to your site, the superior quality and accelerated completion time using modular construction becomes apparent immediately. The assembly onsite takes place in as little as a single day. Within about 4-6 weeks your home is completed without the fear of damage from the elements and the typical weather delays. While value may be your primary purpose for evaluating modular homes, many find that greater energy efficiency, extended warranties, and flexible design options rank high in their evaluation criteria. Customers who want high-quality finishes as well as superiorquality construction increasingly recognize that they can get both with a custom modular home.

About Modular Home Construction

Planning Your Modular Home

The design of your new modular home starts by ascertaining the Wind Zone, Thermal Zone and Roof Load Zone of your development site. These need to be utilized during the structure from the outset, as well as incorporated into the engineering phase of your design. When planning a modular home, you will need designs for any attached car ports, porches or outdoor patios as they’re not an element of the modular home design. It is important that you list what you want to design into the home so that it can be determined that these can be included in your design.

There is no limit to the size of of your design with modular homes; at present we see variations as big as 1500 to 3000 sq . ft . built in Thirty two segments, with the typical range from four to six thousand square feet in 10 to 12 sections. Each home design Express Modular sells are created this way, including our modular log homes and our many green home options.

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Flexible Design

Innovations in modern modular building techniques have enhanced the design flexibility that can be achieved with factory built construction. Chalets, ranch homes, contemporary homes, Arts and Crafts style homes, and log cabins along with traditional home styles are all built using the efficiencies and quality that only construction in a factory can supply. Building onsite isn’t efficient any longer with minimal exceptions. Anything that can be created with onsite construction outdoors can also be achieved with modular homes. Unique roof structures, porches, and architectural design aspects are the norm in today’s modular designs. Whatever your design goals, they are all realizable with modern modular construction.

Designing a custom modular house plan can be as straightforward as consulting with Express Modular to discuss which house plans are available and what changes you want to make to the one that best suits your needs. Customizing can be as straightforward as updating an existing design or it could be as dramatic as creating your own home plan from the ground up. Modular homes let you to move walls, add rooms, or create huge open spaces. Many customers choose one of our hundreds of house plans as a good start to design their new home. The rest bring us a house plan and we use it to design and build their custom dream home.

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What is Express Modular? Express Modular is a nationwide modular home provider that helps you build your new custom home and do it at the best value possible. How? By giving you access to our nationwide network of state-of-the-art facilities that lead the industry in modular home design and quality for custom home building in California. You can refine your search through our modular home plans in Temecula, California by price, style, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, type of home (Including Two Stories, Chalets, Ranches, Cape Cods, Cabins), and more. Use our interactive pricing search tool to refine your search based on the estimated finished price of your new custom modular home in Temecula and across other nearby Temecula zip codes. See local new home trends and view our Temecula Moving Resource Guide to view demographics, local activities and information for local school districts. Contact your New Home Consultant to learn about Temecula mortgages from multiple lenders and mortgage brokers to finance your home purchase.