Creative Prefabricated Homes

with Express Modular

A vital factor for finding the right Arkansas home for yourself is confidence, in both the company you choose to partner with plus the high quality and value of the homes. We endorse the “Express Modular Team Approach” to selecting the right people and shared values, in which you seek out a company that utilizes a truly consultative approach, to understand your situation, while declining to let the old ‘high pressure’ methods affect your final decision. The secret is to find a business that informs and educates every step of the process. You should be at ease from information-gathering stage to final selection.

Why Choose Express Modular?

Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in the course of your lifetime. Your home building team should be committed to rendering the home that fits your lifestyle using a design process which is better compared to all other modular home suppliers that you interview. Seek out a business with resourceful and seasoned design professionals who might perform well with you plus any outside design firms to help “modularize” your personalized design. Focus on selecting individuals who are typically engaging and easy to work with and who focus on you as an important part of the team that will effectively produce a terrific experience and an excellent home.

Modular Home Construction in Arkansas

The nature of modular home construction of today offers exceptional benefits which classic residential home building does not, especially significantly more structural stability considering that the modules will be produced to be shipped and installed as a unit. Your home will be constructed in a managed environment, regardless of weather, by professionals seasoned with the same ”sectional” fabrication system rather than relocating from one building location to another then doing work in a broad variety of homes in just about all varieties of weather. Modules are both eco-friendly and highly economical, incorporating environmentally resources like reclaimed rubber, re-cycled transport containers, re-cycled steel metal and sustainably-harvested wood. Breakthrough models provide the flexibility of your custom-built home an affordable comfort. Most of all, well-constructed modular homes can create an even healthier environment as our company’s specifications exceed the health guidelines.

What’s in a Modern Modular Home?

Today’s modular home is constructed more rigidly using higher quality materials than most traditional stick built properties. The controlled environment of manufacturing allows a lot less materials waste and dramatically reduced theft on-site, plus no weather conditions every day. Concept-to-completion proceeds quicker, typically slicing production times in half or more which includes a larger part of the build out completed in-house and includes electrical, plumbing along with heating and cooling, as well as full installing of doors and cabinets — even with green modular homes. From beginning-to-end you’ll find genuine valuation using modular homes compared to traditional custom structure.

We Manufacture Modular Homes in Arkansas