Kincaid, KS Allen Country Land 80.00 acre

This is 1 home you want to pay attention to. The owner of this property has groomed this ground for the last 41yrs to make it his own unique 80 acres of paradise. He has worked on making this piece of property the very best deer, turkey and quail hunting spot in the county. He has actually avidly spent the last four decades clearing wood and brush in simply the right places and letting the ground return back to its native grass state. As the lawn would return back to its natural state, he would incorporate red clover, alfalfa, ladino clover, along with lespedeza, to produce the most appetizing supper plate for the wildlife he loved to hunt 1 of the most. After 41yrs in the making, he has produced the most incredible game capital any individual might want. This home has really heavy cover in all the ideal locations coordinated with the wood, two ponds and feeding locations, which help hold the deer to this property like a magnet.

Category: housing/sale/home
Sub Category: Single-Family Houses
Listing by: American Listed
Price: $260,000
Address: Iola, KS 66749

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