Before you go, a few things to know…

Express Modular has partnered with Architectural Designs to create an extensive collection of Modular and Prefab-friendly home plans for you to review. This is your assurance that your favorite house plan can be built with the benefits that can only be found using modular construction.

How does it work?

Step 1: Choose Your Plan from Architectural Designs

Step 2:Order an Estimate from Express Modular

Step 3: Purchase the CAD or PDF from Architectural Designs

Step 4:We Convert Your Plan for Modular Construction

Step 5: Build Your New Custom Modular Home

Certified Modular Friendly Badge

What is Certified Modular Friendly?

Our design experts evaluated over 28,000 house plans available from We used our exclusive Certified Modular Friendly Rating System to evaluate the level of effort required to adapt every plan for use with modern modular construction. Our rating scale indicates the level of modification necessary to make it possible for the home to be constructed using the Modular Advantage.

Level 1 Modular Friendly

These plans will require only minor modifications.

Level 2 Modular Friendly

This level may require size changes to rooms.

Level 3 Modular Friendly

Plans will require moderate overall adjustments.

Level 4 Modular Friendly

Significant changes are necessary for modular construction.

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