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The tiny house movement, also known as the small house movement, is a growing real estate trend where people are choosing to live simply in smaller homes. However, the definition of tiny is really relative because small is a matter of opinion. Tiny home plans are generally under 400 square feet. In most cases, a home size of 400 to 1000 square feet is considered a Micro Cottage.

While our smallest home can’t be mounted on a trailer, we offer a great selection of tiny house plans and micro cottage plans that are built to local building code for permanent use. These tiny home plans are perfect second homes and vacation getaways and, for the right person or couple, our micro cottage plans can make great starter homes to be expanded over time as circumstances and budgets allow.

Our Micro Cottage and tiny house plans in this section provide an intimate and inviting dwelling. What they lack in size they more than make up for in style, design creativity, and cozy character.

All of our house plans can be modified to fit your lot or altered to fit your unique needs. We can create custom Micro Cottage and tiny home plans to meet your needs.

Browse Popular Tiny Home Plans

3 2.0 1663 sqft
Ashford I
3 2.0 1505 sqft
Bay Manor
4 2.0 2204 sqft
Carlisle I
3 2.5 1667 sqft
4 2.5 2383 sqft
2 2.0 1397 sqft
3 2.5 2019 sqft
5 2.5 2493 sqft
Keystone I
3 2.0 2013 sqft
3 2.0 1820 sqft
3 2.0 1707 sqft
3 2.0 1469 sqft
River Trace I
3 2.0 1301 sqft
River Trace II
4 2.0 1417 sqft
3 2.0 2163 sqft