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A Cape Cod-style home is the classic New England Style home that has been adapted across much of the eastern United States. Cape floor plans are typically symmetrical, simple, and considered a one-and-a-half story homes. Most have two or three dormers offering natural light to living space under the roof and are enhanced with a porch.

On the interior, the symmetrical design of the Cape Cod home is replicated. In most cape floor plans there is a center hall, or foyer, which contains the stairway to the second level living area. The second level living space is considered a half story and is contained under the steep roof with dormers providing light and ventilation. In many cases, this top level is finished onsite when using modular construction with the option to have it completed at the factory.

Common Architectural features:

  • Steep gable roof with small overhangs and gabled ends
  • Symmetrical, rectangular design
  • Once-and-a-half story with living space in roof area
  • Multi-pane, double hung windows with shutters

Cape floor plans offer a great way to get living space at a great value. Millions of Americans have found the Cape Code home style to have a very livable home, get the space they need for their family, and with great curb appeal.

Browse Popular Cape Floor Plans

2 2.0 960 sqft
2.0 2.0 1500 sqft
3.0 2.0 2354 sqft
The Deerview model stands out due to the large front windows, giving the main living space a very spacious feel...
Gray Stone
3.0 2.0 2756 sqft
This plan leans towards the attractive Cape Cod style home, with a steep roofline and dormer windows. The foyer has...
Northland II
3 2.0 1870 sqft
Northland I
3 2.0 1870 sqft
Trails End
1 1.5 1367 sqft
Snow Drift
1 1.5 1210 sqft
3 2.0 2492 sqft
3 2.5 2043 sqft
3 2.5 1921 sqft
2 2.0 1586 sqft
Crown Point
1 2.0 1375 sqft
2 2.0 1320 sqft
1 1.5 1320 sqft